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This journey started back in 1996 upon moving home to Ohio.  I started buying and selling slag lamps mostly on eBay.  This progressed to me filling up our 3 car garage and getting a taste for the higher end lamps.  In 2001 I quit my mechanical engineering job and started my business full time.  Since then I have seen some of the rarest lamps every produced.  Every time a package arrives, I still get excited when it arrives and can't wait to open it and see my purchase.  My business has evolved throughout the years and today I focus mainly on lamps by Tiffany Studios and Duffner & Kimberly.  However, I have dozens of lamps by other manufacturers also.  Throughout my career I have expanded this knowledge and feel I can pick up just about any lamp and tell you if it is real or fake, Duffner or Wilkinson or whatever I need to determine.  I thank you for visiting my website and hope to hear from you.

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